Sentence Examples

  • Rock-lizard, the vernacular name of Sceloporus torquatus which is one of the Iguanidae misspelt and misapplied.
  • It has been sometimes misspelt "Tapacolo," as by C. Darwin, who gave (Journal of Researches, chap. xii.) a brief but entertaining account of the habits of this bird and its relative, Hylactes megapodius, called by the Chilenos "El Turco."
  • The most solid result of his campaigns is that his battlefield, misspelt Grampius, has provided to antiquaries, and through them to the world, the modern name of the Grampian Hills.
  • In the same loose 'sense the word is often applied to the two most beautiful of the family Anatidae, belonging to the genus Aex (commonly misspelt Aix) - the Carolina Duck of North America, Ae.

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