Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, though he mismanaged almost every political problem with which he personally dealt, he was singularly tactless and impatient of advice.
  • The report of the Dardanelles commission, which was published in March '917, confirmed the view of the public that some of the blame for that mismanaged enterprise rightly attached to Mr. Churchill.
  • They conferred the signory upon him for life; and, had he not mismanaged matters, he might have held the city in his grasp. Italy was settling cown and turning her attention to home comforts, arts and literature.
  • As the Union Bank was founded in the midst of a financial panic and was mismanaged, its failure was a foregone conclusion.
  • In Boston, St Louis, Baltimore, and some few other cities, the police board (or commissioner) is appointed by the governor because police matters had been mismanaged by the municipal authorities and occasionally allowed to become a means of extortion and a door to corruption.

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