Sentence Examples

  • The part taken by Spain in the actual170~3~ struggle was mainly a passive one, and it ended for her with the loss of Gibraltar and the islaiid of Minorca, which remained in the hands of England, and of all her dominions in Italy and Flanders.
  • He had a deep dislike of England, and a strong desire to recover Minorca and Gibraltar, which she held.
  • Yet he was able to recover Minorca and Florida in the War of American Independence, and he finally extorted a treaty wiCi Algiers which put a stop to piratical raids on the Spanish coast.
  • He was originally destined for the church and was brought up at the Jesuit college at Blois, but after the death of his elder brother he entered a cavalry regiment, served in Bohemia and Bavaria and on the Rhine, and in 1747 had attained the rank of colone took part in the siege of Maestricht in 1748, became governor of Vendome in 1749, and after distinguishing himself in 1756 in the Minorca expedition was promoted brigadier of infantry.
  • When war began in earnest, and the reality of danger came home to Englishmen by the capture of Minorca (1756), there arose a demand for a more capable government than any which Newcastle could offer.

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