Sentence Examples

  • He selects for himself a staff of civilians (the cab-met du ministre), which is divided into bureaux for the despatch of business.
  • David, Laurier et son temps (Montreal, 1905); see also Henri Moreau, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Premier Ministre du Canada (Paris, 1902); and the collection of Laurier's speeches from 1871 to 1890, compiled by Ulric Barthe (Quebec, 1890).
  • A complete edition of the writings of Lavoisier, Ouvres de Lavoisier, publiees par les soins du ministre de l'instruction publique, was issued at Paris in six volumes from 1864-1893.
  • Funck-Brentano also insists that the references to the "ancien prisonnier" in 1696 and 1697 must be to Mattioli, giving ancien the meaning of "late" or "former" (as in the phrase "ancien ministre"), and regarding it as an expression pertinent to Mattioli, who had been at Pignerol with Saint-Mars but not at Exiles, and not to Dauger, who had always been with SaintMars.
  • He contributed to French history by writing Histoire de la guerre de Flandre 1 5591609 (Paris, 1615); Histoire de l'administration du cardinal d'Amboise, grand ministre d'etat en France (Paris, 1634), a defence of the cardinal; and Histoire de l'administration de l'abbe Suger (Paris, 1645).