Sentence Examples

  • Although the postal rates are high, the service is not self-sustaining, the receipts for 1904 being 7, 01 8,344 milreis, against a total expenditure of 10,099,545 milreis.
  • According to a summary for the six years 1901 to 1906, derived from official sources and published in the annual Retrospecto of the Jornal do Commercio, of Rio de Janeiro, the values of the imports and exports for those years (exclusive of coin), reduced to pounds sterling at the average rate of exchange (or value of one milreis) for each year, were as follows: - Nearly 761% of the exports of 1906 were of coffee and rubber, the official valuations of these being: coffee 2 45,474,5 2 5 milreis gold (27,615,884), and rubber (including manigoba and mangabeira), 12 4,941,433 milreis gold (£14,055,911).
  • The exportation for 1906 was 69,761,123 lb of Hevea, 5,871,968 lb of manicoba, and 1,440,131 lb of mangabeira rubber, the whole valued at 12 4,9 1,433 milreis gold.
  • The export in 1906 amounted to 127,417,950 lb, officially valued at 16,502,881 milreis gold.
  • To illustrate the comparative productiveness and relationship of these sources of national wealth and industry, the following official returns of export for the years 1905 and 1906 are arranged in the four general classes previously discussed, the values being in Brazilian gold milreis, worth 2s.