Sentence Examples

  • The complexity of composition militates in a great measure against a rational classification of albumins by purely chemical considerations.
  • Ben Sira's omission of the name of Ezra rather militates against the supposition that he had the Chronicler's book before him when he.
  • Consequently, for a certain focal length, much deeper curves must be resorted to if the new glasses are to be employed; this means not only greater difficulties in workmanship, but also greater thickness of glass, which militates against the chance of obtaining large disks quite free from striae and perfect in their state of annealing.
  • Sumerian, in fact, predominated, not only on the historical monuments, but also throughout the religious literature, a fact which militates against assigning the newly discovered Semitic legend to the period of these early Sumerian texts.
  • As in Europe, therefore, the high price of labour militates against its production on a large scale.