Sentence Examples

  • Beke, as long ago as 1834, concluded in his Origines biblicae (p. 167 et passim) that "Egypt" in the Old Testament sometimes designates a district near Midian and the Gulf of `Akaba, and the view restated recently and quite independently by H.
  • Midian (i.e.
  • 18), the priest of Midian, in the Bible, whose daughter Zipporah became the wife of Moses.
  • The defeat of Midian in the land of Moab by his successor Hadad has been associated with the Midianite invasion in the time of Gideon (q.v.; Judg.
  • The ties which united Lot (the "father" of Ammon and Moab), Ishmael, Midian and Edom (Esau) with the southern tribes Judah and Simeon, as manifested in the genealogical lists, are intelligible enough on geographical grounds alone, and the significance of this for the history of Judah and Palestine cannot be ignored.

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