Sentence Examples

  • He appears in Midian at the "Mount of God" (Horeb) dwelling with its priest Jethro, one of whose seven daughters he married, thus becoming the father of Gershom and Eliezer.
  • External danger from a foreign foe, such as Midian or the Philistines, at once brought into prominence the claim and power of Yahweh, Israel's national war-god since the great days of the exodus.
  • The names point generally to an affinity with south Palestine and north Arabia (Edoin, Midian, &c.; see especially the lists in Gen.
  • Jeroboam), Midian (e.g.
  • The country falls naturally into three main divisions, a northern, a central and a southern; the first includes the area between the Midian coast on the west and the head of the Persian Gulf on the east, a desert tract throughout, stony in the north, sandy in the south, but furnishing at certain seasons excellent pasturage; its population is almost entirely nomad and pastoral.

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