Sentence Examples

  • All these affluents are on the right, and with the exception of the Arige, which descends from the eastern Pyrcnees, rise in the mountaitis of Auvergne and the southern Cvennes, their sources often lying close to those of the rivers of the Loire and Rhone basins.
  • Arige, Haute-Garonne, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne.
  • In 5882 the French and Spanish governments proposed to overcome this obstacle by constructing two railways: one from Huesca to Oloron, through the Canfranc Pass, and through an international tunnel which was to be built at Somport; the other from the Arige railway system to the Spanish northern system in the province of Lrida The first line was completed on the Spanish side as far as Jaca, the second was only surveyed; both were opposed by the ministries of war in the two countries concerned.
  • Delcass, the French minister for foreign affairs, and on the I 8th of August r904 a convention was signed providing for the construction of (1) the Huesca-Oloron line, (2) a line from Ax les Thermes in the Arige to Ripoll in Catalonia, (3) a line from St Girons in the Arige to Sort, and thence to Lrida.