Sentence Examples

  • One fragmentary source alludes to a journey to the Midianite or Kenite father-in-law of Moses with the Ark (q.v.); another knows of its movements with David and the priest Abiathar (a name closely related to Jether or Jethro; cf.
  • Hauran and the Moabite hills to Horeb and the Midianite Mountains of the Hebrews, which run into Arabia.
  • More important is the prominent part played by the Kenite (or Midianite) father-in-law of Moses, whose help and counsel are related in Exod.
  • Elsewhere J speaks of "Hobab, the son of Reuel the Midianite, Moses' father-inlaw" (Num.
  • The Midianite oppression (vi.-viii.) is contained in the usual frame (vi.