Sentence Examples

  • The chief difficulty, as usual, was the determination of the gradient, which depended on a difference of potential of the order of 20 microvolts between two junctions inserted in small holes 2 cms. apart in a bar 1 .
  • Unlike the frictional generation of heat due to the resistance of the conductor, which Joule (1841) Table I.-Thermoelectric Power, p=dE/dt, IN Microvolts At 50° C. Of Pure Metals With Respect To Lead.
  • The Peltier coefficient may also be expressed in volts or microvolts, and may be regarded as the measure of an E.M.F.
  • The value found at a temperature of 150° C. was +2.5 microjoules per ampere-second per degree, or +2.5 microvolts per degree in the case of copper, which agrees very fairly with the value deduced from thermoelectric tests.
  • The value found by Batelli for iron was - 5 -o microvolts per degree at 108° C., which appears too small in comparison.