Sentence Examples

  • Metro politans.
  • It was four-thirty, and she'd never seen a cop along this stretch leading up to the nearest metro station.
  • As regards administration,Lord Llandaff's Commission recommended the creation Metro- of a Water Trust, and in 1902 the Metropolis Water Act constituted the Metropolitan Water Board to purchase politan and carry on the undertakings of the eight companies, Water and of certain local authorities.
  • These, however, were inapplicable to London, and it was realized Metro- Instead, the London Government Act of 1899 was evolved.
  • Hospitals.-The Metropolitan Asylums Board, though established in 1867 purely as a poor-law authority for the relief of the sick, insane Metro- and infirm paupers, has become a central hospital authority for infectious diseases, with power to receive into politan its hospitals persons, who are not paupers, suffering from Asylums fever, smallpox or diphtheria.