Sentence Examples

  • The ancestors of his father, Aime Robert Merle d'Aubigne (1755-1799), were French Protestant refugees.
  • In 1816 he visited the continent, and first at Geneva and afterwards in Montauban (1817) he lectured and interviewed large numbers of theological students with remarkable effect; among them were Malan, Monod and Merle d'Aubigne.
  • JEAN HENRI MERLE D AUBIGNE' (1794-1872), Swiss Protestant divine and historian, was born on the 16th of August 1794, at Eaux Vives, near Geneva.
  • Bretagne Paris Languedoc Bourgogne Bretagne Lobineau 1707 Felibien and Lobi neau 1725 Vaissette and de Vic1730-1745Plancher (1-3), Merle 1739-1748, (4) 1781 Morice 1742-1756255 4 5 [[History And Antiquities Of France A]].