Sentence Examples

  • Purchasing stock Images - One of the benefits of digital technology and the web is the ease of distribution; that is, photographers can get their [[Megaphone Clipart|images]] to you for a very, very low price.
  • Remember, any type of cheerleading clipart megaphone, pom pons or even sports things like a basketball or football will always add some visual appeal to what you're presenting.
  • Each episode really gets started when lead designer Ty Pennington arrives at the house and calls out with his megaphone, "Good morning!" followed by the name of the family.
  • The eye moves from left to right so in general, if you have a handout with a lot of words you want to add a megaphone or something else in the top left hand corner.
  • The best way to use a hello cheer for introducing players is to have one cheerleader use a megaphone or loudspeaker to announce the players names and stats.