Sentence Examples

  • The hereditary caste known as Marabouts are frequently in open.
  • In 1535, there were still found in the city native Christians, the last remnants of the mountains, who had never been latinized and never really christianized, accepted Islam without difficulty, but showed their stubborn nationality, not only in the character of their Mahommedanism, which has always been Berber mixed up with the worship of living as well as dead saints (marabouts) and other peculiarities, but also in political movements.
  • The great sphere of the marabouts is North Africa.
  • Ibrahim and the doctor Abdullah developed into the conquering empire of the Murabits, or, as Christian writers call them, the Almoravides, and there still, among the Berbers, the marabouts enjoy extraordinary influence, being esteemed as living saints and mediators.
  • On their death their sanctity is transferred to their tombs (also called marabouts), where chapels are erected and gifts and prayers offered.

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