Sentence Examples

  • Brasiliensis), growing along the river courses in the yungas regions of the north, though manicoba rubber is also obtained from Manihot Glaziovii on the drier uplands.
  • In the sub-tropical and tropical zones the indigenous plants are the sweet potato, cassava (Manihot utilissima and M.
  • The indigenous economic plants are few, and are of no commercial value, excepting wild ginseng,bamboo, which is applied to countless uses, and "tak-pul" (Hibiscus Manihot), used in the manufacture of paper.
  • Rice, cotton, sugar-cane, yucas (Manihot aipi) and tropical fruits are produced in the irrigated valleys of the coast, and wheat, Indian corn, barley, potatoes, coffee, coca, &c., in the upland regions.
  • Yuca (Manihot utilissima), known as cassava in the West Indies and mandioca in Brazil, is also widely cultivated for food and for the manufacture of starch.

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