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  • Farther south the best-known tribes are the Manchus, the Mongols proper, the Moguls and the Turks, all known under the name of Tatars, and to the ancients as Scythians, occupying from east to west the zone of Asia comprised between the 40th and 50th circles of N.
  • The Manchus and Mongols are chiefly Buddhist, with letters derived from the ancient Syriac. The Manchus are now said to be gradually falling under the influence of Chinese civilization, and to be losing their old nomadic habits, and even their peculiar language.
  • In 1644 the Ming succumbed to the attacks of the Manchus, a northern tribe who captured Peking and founded the present imperial house.
  • MANCHURIA, the name by which the territory in the east of Asia occupied by the Manchus is known in Europe.
  • By the Chinese it is called the country of the Manchus, an epithet meaning " pure," chosen by the founder of the dynasty which now rules over Manchuria and China as an appropriate designation for his family.

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