Sentence Examples

  • By means of the little musk-kangaroo, the cuscuses and phalangers, constituting the family Phalangeridae, are so closely connected with the kangaroos, or Macropodidae, that in the opinion of some naturalists they ought all to be included in a single family, with three sub-families.
  • An equally brief notice must suffice of the kangaroo tribe or Macropodidae, since these receive a special notice elsewhere.
  • They differ greatly from all other members of the family (Macropodidae), being chiefly arboreal in their habits, and feeding on bark, leaves and fruit.
  • KANGAROO, the universally accepted, though not apparently the native, designation of the more typical representatives of the marsupial family Macropodidae (see Marsupialia).
  • In all these features the musk-kangaroo connects the Macropodidae with the Phalangeridae.

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