Sentence Examples

  • Consider then the system of ni equations a21xi+a22x2+��� + a2nxn = 0 a31x1+a32x2+���+a3nx,, =0 an1x1 + an2x2 + � � � +annxn = 0, which becomes on writing xs = y 8, a21y1+ a 22y2 + � � � + a 2,n-lyn-1 + a 2n = 0 a3lyl +a32y2+��� +a3,n-lyn-i+a3n =0 an1 y1 +an2y2 +��� +an, n-lyn-1 +ann = 0.
  • The Exe, Barle, Lyn and other streams, traversing deep picturesque valleys except in their uppermost courses, are in favour with trout fishermen.
  • Lynmouth stands where two small streams, the East Lyn and West Lyn, flow down deep and well-wooded valleys to the sea.
  • Not far off are the Doone Valley, part of the vale of the East Lyn, here called Badgeworthy water, once the stronghold of a notorious band of robbers and famous through R.
  • Some derive it from Celtic roots - ber, small, short, and lyn, a lake; others regard it as a Wend word, meaning a free, open place; others, again, refer it to the word werl, a river island.

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