Sentence Examples

  • Crinis, hair, and linum, thread), a stiffening material made of horse-hair and cotton or linen thread.
  • - Diagram of the flower of Flax (Linum), consisting of five sepals (s), five petals (p), five stamens (a), and five carpels (c), each of which is partially divided into two.
  • For instance, in Primula and Linum some flowers have long stamens and a pistil with a short style, the others having short stamens and a pistil with a long style.
  • - Syncarpous Pistil of Flax (Linum), consisting of five carpels, united by their ovaries, while their styles and stigmas are separate.
  • Linum) are employed at once to denote the fibre so called, and the plant from which it is prepared.

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