Sentence Examples

  • WORM, a term used popularly to denote almost any kind of elongated, apparently limbless creature, from a lizard, like the blindworm, to the grub of an insect or an earthworm.
  • Sometimes they are applied, as in the Copepoda, to the limb-bearing and limbless regions of the trunk, while in other cases, as in the Phyllopoda, they denote, respectively, the regions in front of and behind the genital apertures.
  • The same applies to the limbless little Ophiopsiseps nasutus of Australia.
  • But the limbs show with regard to development great variation, and an uninterrupted transition from the most perfect condition of two pairs with five separate clawed toes to their total disappearance; yet even limbless lizards retain bony vestiges beneath the skin.
  • The motions of these limbless lizards are similar to those of snakes, which they resemble in their elongate body.

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