Sentence Examples

  • Of the first the physical characteristics are a small, thin-limbed body, hair black, short and woolly, projecting jaws, rounded, narrow, retreating forehead, long and narrow head, enormous eyebrow ridges, flat nose and dark skin.
  • The tfngan horse usually stands about thirteen hands high, is short-bodied, clean-limbed, deep in the chest and extremely active, his colour usually inclining to piebald.
  • [[Adaptive Types Of Limbs And Feet Volant]] Short-limbed, plantigrade, Ambulatory pentadactyl, unguicuOR late Stem [[Terrestrial Adaptive Types Of Teeth]] Stem Insectivorous Law Of The Independent Adaptive Evolution Of Parts.
  • This vast area, shaped like a broad-limbed V or U, with Hudson Bay in the centre, is made up chiefly of monotonous and barren Laurentian gneiss and granite; but scattered through it are important stretches of Keewatin and Huronian rocks intricately folded as synclines in the gneiss, as suggested earlier, the bases of ancient mountain ranges.
  • The Agoutis, Dasyprocta, include several species of slender-limbed rodents, with three hind-toes, inhabiting Central and South America, one (D.

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