Sentence Examples

  • I, End of hydroid of the thalloid Liverwort Blyttia, showing the thick lignified wall penetrated by simple pits.
  • The walls of these cells are strongly lignified (i.e.
  • In a few cases there is a special surface or epidermal layer, but usually all the outer layers of the stem are composed of brown, thick-walled, lignified, prosenchymatous, fibre-like cells forming a peripheral stereom (mechanical or supporting tissue) which forms the outer cortex.
  • The hydroid of a Pteridophyte or of a Phanerogam is characteristically a dead, usually elongated, cell containing air and water, and either thin-walled with lignified (woody) spiral (fig.
  • I, p.) or annular thickenings, or with thick lignified walls, incompletely perforated by pits (fig.i, 9.) (usually bordered pits) of various shapes, e.g.

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