Sentence Examples

  • Arising as a long tendon from the sterno-scapular ligament, it passes the axilla by means of a fibrous pulley, accompanies the axillary vessels and nerves along the humerus, and is inserted by a few fleshy fibres on the base of the last two or three cubital quills.
  • To make the ligament, a very large number of exceedingly fine copper wires laid close together are soldered to the upper surface of the upper trunnion.
  • There is a "stay" called the "ligament" which runs from the hinder end of the proboscissheath to the posterior end of the body.
  • The ligament is external, and the hinge carries cardinal teeth in each valve.
  • Near the mid line of the body, and at right angles to the last, another reflection, the falciform ligament, runs forward, and the line of attachment of this indicates the junction of the right and left lobes of the liver.

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