Sentence Examples

  • (X 20.) order, showing affinities on the one hand with the Corrodentia (book-lice and biting lice) and on the other with the Hemiptera (cicads, bugs, &c.) .
  • Like the perfect insects, they are predaceous, feeding on plant-lice (Aphidae) and scale insects (Coccidae).
  • - Many ants feed largely and some almost entirely on the saccharine secretions of other insects, the best known of which are the Aphides (plant-lice or " green-fly ").
  • Flies, lice, gadflies and mosquitoes are the worst of the insect plagues.
  • - The Hop Aphis (Phorodon After the Coccidae the next most important insects male; C, ovigerous wingless female; economically are r the plant lice or A phididae.

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