Sentence Examples

  • The name, it has been suggested, is identical with Libyan or Libi.
  • The English form "eremite," which was used, according to the New English Dictionary, quite indiscriminately with "hermit" till the middle of the 17th century, is now chiefly used in poetry or rhetorically, except with reference to the early hermits of the Libyan desert, or sometimes to such particular orders as the eremites of St Augustine (see Augustinian Hermits).
  • (quoting from Varro): the Babylonian or Persian, the Libyan, the Cimmerian, the Delphian, the Erythraean, the Samian, the Cumaean, the Hellespontine, the Phrygian and the Tiburtine.
  • The chief event of his fourth Cabinet was the Libyan War.
  • - The acropolis of this historic city looks on the Libyan Sea and commands the extensive plain of Messara.

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