Sentence Examples

  • The chief ceremonies of the nightly ritual were sacrifice and libation; prayer and purification; the representation of sacred legends (e.g.
  • Though they saw the enemy advancing upon them sword in hand they remained at worship untroubled and were slaughtered as they poured libation and burned incense, for they put their own safety second to the service of God.
  • In 1895 he obtained a libation-table from the Dictaean cave with a linear dedication in the prehistoric writing (" Further Discoveries," &c., J.H.S.
  • The exploration begun by the Italian Mission under Halbherr and continued by Evans, who found here the inscribed libation table (see above), was completed by Hogarth in 1900.
  • In the second temple there was a water libation every morning of the festival, and on the evening of the first day the great golden candelabrum was lit up and the men danced a torch dance around it (Mishnah, Sukkah, v.

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