Sentence Examples

  • 13, Post reditum in senatu, 4-8, Pro lege Manilia, 17, 18, 19; exhaustive article by Bahr in Ersch and Gruber's Allgemeine Encyclopadie; and monograph by G.
  • Prohibited interference with the synagogue worship ("Judaeorum sectarn nulla lege prohibitam satis constat "), and in 412 a special edict of protection was issued.
  • Here in 1550 he published two disputations, the one De lege et evangelio and the other De justifications, which aroused a controversy still unclosed at his death on the 17th of October 1552.
  • (2)Set in lege domini uoluntas eius, & in lege eius meditabitur die ac nocte.
  • For the purpose of passing the lex curiata, and probably for its other purposes as well, this comitia was in Cicero's day represented by but thirty lictors (Cic. de Lege Agraria, ii.

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