Sentence Examples

  • NAHE, a river of Germany, a left-bank tributary of the Rhine, rises near Selbach in the Oldenburg principality of Birkenfeld.
  • It is a left-bank tributary of the Rhine, into which it falls at Sinzig, rising in the Eifel mountains, and having a total length of 55 m.
  • Of Murcia by road, on the right bank of the Arroyo del Jua, a left-bank tributary of the Segura.
  • It is pleasantly situated on the small river Tove, a left-bank affluent of the Ouse.
  • It includes the basins of the Oldoi, Zeya and Bureya, left-bank tributaries of the river Amur, and has the governments of Transbaikalia on the W., Irkutsk and Yakutsk on the N., the Maritime province on the E., and Manchuria on the S.