Sentence Examples

  • 43, A); in this the mouth is formed distally as a perforation (B); next the sides of the tube so formed bulge out laterally near the attachment to form the umbrella, while the distal undilated portion of the tube represents the manubrium (C); the umbrella now grows out into a number of lobes or lappets, and the tentacles and tentaculocysts grow out, the former in a notch between two lappets, the latter on the apex of each lappet (D, E); finally, the velum arises as a growth of the ectoderm alone, the whole bud shapes itself, so to speak, and the little medusa is separated off by rupture of the thin stalk connecting it with the parent (F).
  • A long plaited lock (or later a lappet) on the side of their head in imitation of the youthful Horus, and the peculiar tonsure adopted by the later Arabs of Sinai was inspired by the desire to copy their god Orotal-Dionysus.'
  • Among the fancy cloths made in French cotton was pique, woven in stripes in relief which cross the width of the piece, with a stiff finish.
  • Exumbral) face of the lappet there is frequently a patch of sensory ciliated epithelium regarded as olfactory in function and termed the olfactory pit (fig.
  • Lappet of a perradial arm.

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