Sentence Examples

  • The Gonds are the most numerous among the aboriginal tribes, but so great an intermixture has taken place between them and the Hindu races that they have lost their language and most of their ethnical characteristics, such as the flat forehead, squat nose, prominent nostril, dark skin, &c., and are scarcely distinguishable from the other classes of the Hindu labouring population.
  • The Franchise Act of 1884 was also one in which he took a leading part as a champion of the opinions of the labouring class.
  • The hive bee is, moreover, the only insect known to be capable of domestication, so far as labouring under the direct control of the bee-master is concerned, its habits being admirably adapted for embodying human methods of working for profit in our present-day life.
  • Many races are still abandoned to that temporary madness; many others which have escaped from it were observed and described while still labouring under its delusions.
  • The ten years during which he held this office coincided with much misery and unrest among the labouring classes, and the government policy, for which he was mainly responsible, was one of severe repression.

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