Sentence Examples

  • The series premiere debuted not with the destruction of Krypton as detailed in the Superman lexicon, but with the meteor shower that brought Kryptonian orphan Kal-El to Earth.
  • Superman Krypton Coaster: Ever since it opened in 2000, this 170 foot tall coaster has been one of the park's most popular.
  • By season's end Clark is introduced to a gorgeous young woman who has superpowers and claims to be from Krypton.
  • In addition to these, he mentions other auroral lines as very probably krypton lines, but in their case the wave-lengths which he quotes from Paulsen (22) are given to only three significant figures, so that the identification is more uncertain.
  • 1872), who from 1894 had assisted him at University College, London, and in 1903 was appointed professor of chemistry at University College, Bristol, enabled him to announce the existence in the atmosphere of three new gases, neon, krypton and xenon.