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  • Mephistophilis has the kobold qualities: he not only waits upon Faustus and provides him with sumptuous fare; he indulges in horse-play and is addicted to practical joking of a homely kind.
  • Some of the traditional qualities are indeed preserved: the practical joke, for instance, in the scene in Auerbach's Keller shows that he has not altogether shed his character as kobold; and, like the planet-spirits of the old magic he appears alternately in animal and human shape.
  • Kobold (Astro.
  • Kobold, using a peculiar and ingenious method, found for it a declination - 3°, which disagrees very badly with all other determinations; but it is a peculiarity of Kobold's method that it gives the line of symmetry of motion, which joins the apex and antapex, without indicating which end is the apex.
  • Now the position of this line, as found by Kobold, actually is a (properly weighted) mean between the corresponding lines of symmetry of the two drifts, but naturally it lies in the acute angle between them, whereas the line of the solar motion is also a weighted mean between the two lines of drift, but lies in the obtuse angle between them.

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