Sentence Examples

  • Nice to have you come white-knighting to the rescue every time I need it.
  • The aids were paid on a few occasions, determined by custom, where the lord was put to unusual expense, as for his ransom when captured by the enemy, or for the knighting of his eldest son.
  • Before it was known that the chronicle ascribed to Ingulf of Croyland is really a fiction of the 13th or 14th century, the knighting of Heward or Hereward by Brand, abbot of Burgh 1 Comparative Politics, p. 74.
  • When William of Malmesbury describes the knighting of Athelstan by his grandfather Alfred the Great, that is, his investiture " with a purple garment set with gems and a Saxon sword with a golden sheath," there is no hint of any religious observance.
  • It seems certain that the word " dub " means to strike, and the usage is as old as the knighting of Henry by William the Conqueror (supra, pp. 851, 852).

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