Sentence Examples

  • The gold mines at Kilo and Moto, worked since 1905, had an output in 1918 of some 90,000 ozs.
  • Thus in 1906 from Cavalla and Xanthi 11,000 tons were exported of a value of about £1,101,000, the range of the various qualities per kilo (2·1 lb) being Ghienbek.
  • The prefixes for multiplication by io, io 2, io 3 and Io 4 are deca-, hecto-, kilo- and myria-, and those for division by io, io 2 and io 3 are deci-, centi- and milli-; the former being derived from Greek, and the latter from Latin.
  • Gold mines are worked at Kilo in the upper basin of the Ituri river, and some 30 m.
  • Lever At 300 Revolutions Per Minute, The Rate Of Generation Of Heat Was About 12 Kilo Calories Per Second.