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  • The condition that must exist in order that the balance may weigh correctly for all positions of the weight W is w = o, or tan 0 = that is, the stay KG must be adjusted parallel to the line joining the points A and C. From the equation for w, it is seen that the larger h is the smaller w will be.
  • To find a point in its line of action, take a point Q on the rod such that KG X GQ = R2, R having been determined experimentally by the method of i25; join G with 0 and through Q draw a line parallel to BO to cut GO in Z.
  • When the body is twisted through an angle 0 the threads make angles aC/i, be/I with the vertical, and the moment of the tensions about the vertical through G is accordingly Kg, where K = M gab/i.
  • The kilogram (kg.) is represented by an iridio-platinum standard weight, of cylindrical form, by which all other metric weights, and all measures having reference to metric weight, are ascertained in the United Kingdom.
  • For the specific mass of the cubic decimetre of water at 4° C., under an atmospheric pressure equal to 760 mm., Guillaume and Chappuis of the Comite International des Poids et Mesures at Paris (C.I.P.M.) have obtained 0.9999707 kg., which has been accepted by the committee.

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