Sentence Examples

  • Ormsby, in 1852, also reported a river, the Asas Amir, as coming down from the Sinjar hills and joining the Tigris near Kal-'at Shergat, about 35° 30' N.; but this seems now to be a dry bed.
  • Let k such transpositions be necessary; then the expression X(kal aa2 N a 3.
  • Thus Origen distinguishes between writings which were read by the churches and apocryphal writings: ypai?j q5Ep0,LLiv77 /2 V iv Togs Kolvocs KaL 6E6771.400-LEvybiotS (3L XLocs EIKOs S' On iv euroKpiiy50ts cbEpoµ4, 77 (Origen's Comm.
  • The names in Greek are generally 'Iavvfis Kal 'laµ0piis (= a'1 on a'?') as in the Targ.-Jon.
  • Kal Eivayy€AlaTov; P and 42, r t air.