Sentence Examples

  • Two years after his marriage he became possessed of a copy of the Kabbalistic " Bible " - the Zohar of Moses de Leon.
  • Though his teaching was largely directed against superstition, he seems to have been inclined to mysticism, and perhaps for this reason various kabbalistic works were ascribed to him in later times.
  • Other works of a different kind also originated in Italy about this time: the very popular history of the Jews, called Josippon (probably of the 10th or even 9th century), ascribed to Joseph ben Gorion (Gorionides) 1; the medical treatises of Shabbethai Donnolo (loth century) and his commentary on the Sepher Ye,zirah, the anonymous and earliest Hebrew kabbalistic work ascribed to the patriarch Abraham.
  • He had a strong inclination to mysticism, but whether certain kabbalistic works are rightly attributed to him is doubtful.
  • It is, however, not a mere coincidence that the two great kabbalistic text-books, the Bahir and the Zohar (both meaning "brightness"), appear first in the 13th century.

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