Sentence Examples

  • (After Hertwig.) bearing at its free upper end a stiff bristle and running out at its base into a nerve-fibre; (3) concrement-cells, which produce intercellular concretions, so-called oto liths.
  • A richly chlorophyllous tissue, with numerous intercellular spaces communicates with the exterior by stomata, strikingly similar to those of the vascular plants (see below).
  • The important function of aeration, by which the inner living tissues of the bulky plant-body obtain the oxygen necessary for their respiration, is secured by the development of an extensive system of intercellular spaces communicating with the external air.
  • At intervals it is interrupted by pores (stomata) leading from the air outside to the system of intercellular spaces below.
  • The epithem is penetrated by a network of fine intercellular spaces, which are normally filled with water and debouch on one or more intercellular cavities below the epidermis.

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