Sentence Examples

  • Even the best-intentioned government measures, such as the importation of corn, the prohibition of the sale of spirits, and so on, became new sources of oppression.
  • His administration was, in many respects, well-intentioned and useful.
  • The well-intentioned abolition of the tax on meat also had not the desired result, for by a system of cornering the price of meat rose to more than it In the autumn of 1896 the grand vizier (Amin-es-Sultan) encountered much hostility from some members of the shahs Mi I t riai entourage and various high personages.
  • As has been demonstrated the action taken was one of vacillation between these two courses, and was complicated by a native policy which, though well intentioned and intelligible, needlessly irritated the white colonists (British and Dutch) and did not prevent bloodshed.
  • Yet he was a cautious and in the main a well-intentioned prince, and the extreme moderation of his original demands seems tc prove that he did not at first aim atthe crown.