Sentence Examples

  • They are innervated from the cerebral ganglia.
  • The antennules (or first antennae) are almost universally regarded as true appendages, though they differ from all the other appendages in the fact that they are always innervated from the " brain " (or preoral ganglia), and that they are uniramous in the nauplius larva and in all the Entomostracan orders.
  • These papillae form pallial sense-organs, I containing nerve-end bulbs, covered by a dome of cuticle, and innervated from the pallial nervecords.
  • Near the base of the ctenidium is a patch of sensory epithelium innervated from the branchial nerve, forming a sense-organ called the osphradium, whose function is to test the water entering the branchial cavity.
  • The otocysts are invaginations of the epithelium of the foot, but are innervated from the cerebral ganglia, and the same innervation has been proved in some cases for the osphradia.

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