Sentence Examples

  • But it is obvious to every one who nowadays indulges in the profitless pastime of studying their writings that, as a whole, they failed in grasping the essential difference between homology (or " affinity," as they generally termed it) and analogy - though this difference had been fully understood and set forth by Aristotle himself - and, moreover, that in seeking for analogies on which to base their foregone conclusions they were often put to hard shifts.
  • 38), writing in the 6th century, indulges in a high-flown panegyric on the plant and its value.
  • But he indulges in extravagant eulogies of Elizabeth.
  • The Contrat social, as its title implies, endeavours to base all government on the consent, direct or implied, of the governed, and indulges in much ingenious argument to get rid of the practical inconveniences of such a suggestion.
  • Mephistophilis has the kobold qualities: he not only waits upon Faustus and provides him with sumptuous fare; he indulges in horse-play and is addicted to practical joking of a homely kind.

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