Sentence Examples

  • The precipitated indium hydroxide is converted into a basic sulphite by boiling with excess of sodium bisulphite, and then into the normal sulphite by dissolving in hot sulphurous acid.
  • Indium is a soft malleable metal, melting at 155° C. Its specific gravity is 7.421 and its specific heat 0.05695 (R.
  • Indium oxide, In203, is a yellow powder which is formed on ignition of the hydroxide.
  • The hydroxide, In(OH) 3j is prepared, as a gelatinous precipitate, by adding ammonia to any soluble indium salt.
  • Three chlorides of indium are known: the trichloride, InC13j a deliquescent salt, formed by heating a mixture of the oxide and carbon in a current of chlorine; the dichloride, InCl2, obtained by heating the metal in hydrochloric acid gas; and the monochloride, InCl, which is prepared by distilling the vapour of the dichloride over metallic indium.

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