Sentence Examples

  • Cura, &c. In a more limited sense it is applied in the Church of England to the incumbent of a parish who has no endowment of tithes, as distinguished from a perpetual vicar, who has an endowment of small tithes, which are for that reason sometimes styled vicarial tithes.
  • The president receives 1,200,000 francs (~48,ooo) a year, half as salary, half for travelling expenses and the charges incumbent upon the official representative of the country.
  • Of expenditure incumbent respectively upon the State, ~ the provinces, the communes, and the owners or other private individuals directly interested.
  • Of the gross revenue (less the cost of maintaining the rolling stock, incumbent on the state) scarcely sufficed to pay the interest on debts incurred for railway construction and on the guaranteed bonds.
  • Castle-guard was the liability incumbent on the holders of some estates to serve in the garrison of the royal castles.

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