Sentence Examples

  • Locke is thus a sensationalist and empiricist, but incompletely, and without perfect coherence.
  • I, p.) or annular thickenings, or with thick lignified walls, incompletely perforated by pits (fig.i, 9.) (usually bordered pits) of various shapes, e.g.
  • When two organs can be traced along the same line of descent to one primitive form, that is when they are found to be mono phyletic, their homology is complete; when, however, they are traceable to two primitive forms, though these forms belong to the same morphological series, they are polyphyletic and therefore only incompletely homologous.
  • The short feet of the penguins are an adaptation.
  • In 1747 he applied his new calculus to the problem of vibrating chords, the solution of which, as well as the theory of the oscillation of the air and the propagation of sound, had been given but incompletely by the geometricians who preceded him.

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