Sentence Examples

  • The upper incisor teeth are generally marked by grooves.
  • Its affinity with the giraffes is, however, clearly revealed by the structure of the skull and teeth, more especially the bilobed crown to the incisor-like lower canine teeth.
  • As a general rule, the depression caused by the infolding of the surface of the incisor (the " mark ") is obliterated in the first or central incisor at six years, in the second at seven years, and in the third at eight years.
  • The third incisor in both upper and lower jaws is large, developed before the others, with much the size, form and direction of the canine.
  • Beavers are sociable animals, living in streams, where, so as to render the water of sufficient depth, they build dams of mud and of the stems and boughs of trees felled by their powerful incisor teeth.

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