Sentence Examples

  • Of France, in order to destroy its immense reputation for inaccessibility - in 1555 Conrad Gesner did not climb Pilatus proper, but only the grassy mound of the Gnepfstein, the lowest and the most westerly of the seven summits.
  • Reproach of inaccessibility from which South Africa had suffered was no longer true.
  • Its remoteness from the control of the authority of the German and French kings, together with its inaccessibility, gave special facilities in Lower Lorraine to the growth of a number of practically independent feudal states forming a group or system apart.
  • The forests of eastern Peru are rich in fine cabinet woods, but their inaccessibility renders them of no great value.
  • The bases of priestly power under this system are the unity of the altar, its inaccessibility to laymen and to the inferior ministers of the sanctuary, and the specific atoning functions of the blood of priestly sacrifices.

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