Sentence Examples

  • Reproach of inaccessibility from which South Africa had suffered was no longer true.
  • Of France, in order to destroy its immense reputation for inaccessibility - in 1555 Conrad Gesner did not climb Pilatus proper, but only the grassy mound of the Gnepfstein, the lowest and the most westerly of the seven summits.
  • Its inaccessibility made the Edmonton settlement grow very slowly, so that its great increase in population belongs to the period subsequent to 1896.
  • They are timid, defenceless animals, depending for safety on the comparative inaccessibility of their arboreal haunts, and their protective colouring, which is rendered even more effective by their remaining still on the approach of danger.
  • In the king's face, which he wore as a mask, there was a remoteness and inaccessibility of grief which I shall never forget.