Sentence Examples

  • More importantly, I wonder why he has it.
  • Dan had always been his second-in-command and most importantly, as good a friend as any of Brady's brothers.
  • More importantly, how did they get out?
  • The phenomenon of " concrescence " which we have already had to note as showing itself so importantly in regard to the free edges of the mantle-skirt and the formation of the siphons, is what, above all things, has complicated the structure of the Lamellibranch ctenidium.
  • The tracing out of this identity in diversity, whether regarded as evidence of blood-relationship or as a remarkable display of skill on the part of the Creator in varying the details whilst retaining the essential, became at this period a special pursuit, to which Goethe, the poet, who himself contributed importantly to it, gave the name " morphology."