Sentence Examples

  • IMMANUEL HERMANN FICHTE (originally [[Hartmann) Von]] (1797-1879), German philosopher, son of J.
  • Carried out by the Swedish chemist, Torbern Bergman, acting under the impulse of Linnaeus, and by the German philosopher, Immanuel Kant.
  • God's presence was to abide in Jerusalem, and, as the century drew near its close, " Immanuel " became the watchword and talisman of a strong faith that God would never permit Jerusalem to be captured by the Assyrians.
  • The talismanic name Immanuel became the nucleus out of which the later Messianic prophecies of Isaiah grew.
  • The hopes expressed in the word Immanuel, " God with us," were to become embodied in a personality of the royal seed of David, an ideal righteous ruler who was to bring peace to the war-distraught realm.

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