Sentence Examples

  • The cost of public instruction ih Australia averages about I Is.
  • Here compounds of divalent lead have not yet been obtained; by acting with zinc ethide on lead chloride, lead tetraethide, Pb(C 2 IH Q) 4, is obtained, with the separation of metallic lead.
  • Ih shows also a modern form of the hydraulic press, applied to the operation of covering an electric cable with a lead coating.
  • It is the chief place of the district of same name, which extends in the west to the borders of Shahrud and Astarabad; in the north it is bounded by Russian Transcaspia, ih the east by Kuchan, and in the south by Jovain.
  • The above is a particular case of a general principle that the obtaining of an expression such as Ih(uo+4u1+u2) or lk(vo-1-3v 1 +3v 2 +v 3) is an operation performed on uo or vo, and that this operation is the suns of a number of operations such as that which obtains 3huo or 1kvo.

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